If you are looking for a Mercedes Oldtimer, you can find both nationally and internationally a wide range of distributors.
So why choose Classic Dream Cars?

Here are some of our assets:

We do not work with large showrooms, many agencies or vendors in suit!
The car is our focus and this is reflected in our price.
Through this method, we succeed in offering your dream car at great prices.

Immediately after purchasing our vehicles are given a very thorough check up.
We monitor bottom, brakes, suspension, engine, lights, bodywork, paint, interior, ...
All these details are mentioned on the car list and together we discuss this list with you.
If you wish, we provide the desired adjustments .
Our cars are always sold after a small maintenance.

A qualitative Mercedes Oldtimer is the investment of your life. The value of these cars is making a real climb. The 190 SL, the Pagoda's, the 220 SE, are the big gainers of the moment. Because of their rarity they are highly prized for collectors. The W107 (350 Sl, Sl 450, ...) has started to increase in value. Oldtimers are seen as one of the best investments for the moment.

Along with the purchase of your car we ensure a personal service. We offer this service before, during and especially after sales. Afterall, we are speaking about a decent investment .
We always take the time to explain everything.
Our cars are always approved as a classic car after sales.
In addition, we can arrange your financing if desired.

Classic Dream Cars is working with a specialist insurance broker, which offers unique and cheap products for vintage cars, classics, hobbytimers, ...
They offer this insurance at very competitive premiums and excellent policy conditions. Even if damaged, they are at your service. In short, they are professionals! Ask them to inform you about your file.

No doubt they can help you.
A taste of their services can be found on the website

Need more information?

Feel free to contact us at +32(0)475 67 35 68 or through our contactform.

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