A passion for classic & vintage cars or
A passion for quality cars without fuss
A passion for Mercedes-Benz

Our goal?

To share our passion with you and deliver you the car of your dreams. We specialize in the Mercedes SL series, one of the world's most beloved and popular cars for collectors. Class, sportsmanship, quality ... These are just some words that define the Mercedes SL series. We offer a range of qualitative and fancy vehicles, at a very affordable price.

If you wish, we can work on request.

Why choose Classic Dream Cars?

  • We set high standards for our vehicles
  • Intensive research work and international contacts ensure that we only offer the best cars!
  • Our cars get a thorough check-up, immediately after purchase!
  • What you see is what you buy, no surprises later!
  • The investment of your life: the value of these classic cars continues to rise!
  • A personal service before, during and especially after sales!

See you soon.
Best regards.

Classic Dream Cars


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